Where Are The Insurance Checks For Hurricane Michael?

 Friday, October 11, 2019

 Tampa Bay Times

A year ago, residents of the Florida Panhandle endured the terror of Hurricane Michael making landfall near Mexico Beach. Yet thousands are still struggling to recover, with residents blaming insurance companies for dragging their feet and offering low-ball estimates to settle their claim

Families and businesses should not be in limbo this long, and the state needs to push insurers to resolve all outstanding claims promptly.

Former Florida House Speaker Allan Bense rightly used his high profile last week to crank up the pressure on the insurance companies.

The Panama City Republican rode out the Category 5 hurricane at his home, and he has experienced first-hand the frustration that thousands of others have had with their insurers, whom Bense called the “No. 1 obstacle” to the reconstruction effort.

“I’m on my seventh adjuster for my home. Seventh adjuster!” he declared at a news conference for Rebuild 850, an organization launched to shepherd ongoing support for the multi-billion dollar recovery.