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Frontier Adjusters
Helping Others Turn Their Authentic Passion Into An Insurance Career
Friday, September 11th 2020
One of the amazingly beautiful things about insurance is that regardless of what you're passionate about, we have a career for you.
Florida Home Torched With Gasoline After Insurance Policy Was Increased To Over $1M
City Of Charleston Sues 24 Oil And Pipeline Firms Over Chronic Flooding
The Edge Of Disaster: What Can Past Hurricane Seasons Teach Us About 2020's Challenges?
Insurance Education Association
Pilot Catastrophe Services
COVID-19 Litigation And The Nursing Home Industry
Thursday, September 10th 2020
Nursing homes and managed care facilities across the country have been coronavirus hot spots, accounting for hundreds of thousands of cases. Often filled with elderly patients with underlying health conditions living in close quarters, these facilities have been a perfect breeding ground for the virus.
COVID-19 Compounds Ongoing Real Estate Insurance Challenges
NFIP Enters New Millennium With Virtual Adjusting And Risk Rating 2.0
Deadly Wildfires Worsen Across California, Oregon And Washington
Liability Threat Could Prompt Self-Insured To OK COVID-19 Comp Claims
Wednesday, September 9th 2020
Self-insured employers facing the threat of COVID-19 workplace safety litigation could opt to accept infection workers compensation claims, as exclusive remedy clauses could provide better protection from expensive lawsuits later on, according to legal experts.
'Unprecedented And Heart-Breaking': High Winds Stoke Pacific Northwest Wildfires
Emergency Louisiana Insurance Rule Protects Hurricane Laura Survivors
Handling Rejection When You Don't Get The Job
5 Court Cases Shaping Business Interruption Claims After COVID-19
Tuesday, September 8th 2020
First came the virus. Then came the lawsuits. With businesses stopped in their tracks, many have turned to their insurance companies for business interruption coverage - only to get denied.
Social Media, The Undoing Of Another Insurance Fraudster
Latest On California Wildfires: Record 2M Acres Burned, 3,300 Structures Destroyed
Avoiding Common Pitfalls In The Settlement Process
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