Mid-America Catastrophe Services Chosen as TPA for LCPIC (Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation) - Lucrative Opportunities Await Certified Adjusters

  Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 Source: Mid-America Catastrophe Services

Mid-America Catastrophe Services has been selected as a TPA for LCPIC (Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Company. This partnership represents a significant milestone for MACS and an exceptional opportunity for adjusters seeking rewarding work in the insurance industry.

The collaboration between MACS and LCPIC offers adjusters an incredible chance to contribute to the recovery efforts of communities impacted by natural disasters and catastrophic events. By obtaining an LCPIC certification, adjusters can access an extensive network of opportunities provided by MACS and work directly with LCPIC to deliver exceptional claims adjusting services.

A Louisiana adjusters license and a LCPIC certification are prerequisites for adjusters looking to join MACS in handling claims for LCPIC policyholders. This certification ensures that adjusters possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to effectively assess and evaluate property damage claims, providing accurate and timely assistance to policyholders in need.

‘This new relationship will afford a great opportunity to our office staff, staff desk adjusters, and field adjusters. We look forward to serving LCPIC and all their insureds when the need arises. If you’re not already a part of the Mid-America Team, there has never been a better time to join than now,’ says Mark Glass, Vice President at Mid-America Catastrophe Services.

Benefits of getting a LCPIC Certification through Mid-America:
-Adjusters must complete the LCPIC Certification in order to work LCPIC claims.
-Due to the state of the insurance industry, there is currently a lack of insurance companies in the state of Louisiana, so this is the best path forward in the event a hurricane impacts Louisiana.
-This certification will provide you with 6 CEs after completion.

Adjusters must complete the LCPIC Certification in order to work LCPIC claims.

Please follow the link to register for the certification. You must select ‘Mid-America’ as your company and complete the certification course.

Mid-America LCPIC Certification Link is: https://lacitizens.myabsorb.com/#/signup-form

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About Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation: The Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a nonprofit organization created to provide insurance products for

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