5 Tips to Handle Your Own Auto Accident Claim

5 Tips to Handle Your Own Auto Accident Claim

  Friday, February 2nd, 2024   Partner Content

Many individuals believe that engaging a lawyer simplifies the process of filing an auto accident claim. The rationale for this is often that a seasoned auto accident attorney can expedite the claim process. Alternatively, they may be too engrossed in their recovery to manage a claim. Perhaps they don't have the time due to work commitments or injuries sustained in the accident.

While we consistently advocate for enlisting an experienced attorney to secure the optimal settlement for your auto accident claim, we recognize that you may choose to manage your claim independently. If this is your decision, we've assembled some valuable advice to guide you through the auto accident claim procedure.

Capture the Scene

Ensure to snap photos of both your car and the other involved one. When managing your car accident claim personally, it's crucial to photograph the whole vehicle and not just the section where the crash happened. This approach offers a more precise depiction of the incident's circumstances. Ensure also to capture images of the vehicle's inside to provide a holistic view of the accident's impact and the extent of the damage.

If you're a part of a low-velocity crash, it's advisable to photograph your vehicle from all angles, not merely the affected part, to furnish additional evidence and details about the exact happenings during the accident. Additionally, taking pictures of the car's interior, including the dashboard, airbags, steering wheel, can help debunk any potential false claims against you.

Act Within an Appropriate Time Frame

When you're looking to negotiate your settlement, understanding the statute of limitations is a must. This refers to the set timeframe for filing injury claims. It generally lasts two to four years, subject to where you reside.

Failing to file a claim against those at fault before the statute of limitations expires results in your claim expiring. If this transpires, you'll be disqualified from advancing your case. As such, it's advisable not to prolong reaching a settlement agreement or contact Houston accident lawyer Jimmy Doan for assistance in filing your claim within the statute of limitations.

Do Not Talk About the Accident With the Insurer

It's understandable to be uncertain about what to communicate with your insurance provider after an accident. In this scenario, less definitely becomes more beneficial. You can certainly provide the insurance company of the other involved party with basic details about yourself (like your name, address, and contact number). It's recommended to hold back any specifics about the car accident until you've consulted a personal injury attorney.

Car insurance companies often employ various tactics to induce you into making an error during the settlement process of the car accident. For instance, they might inquire about your emotional status on the day of the accident. If you confess to being distraught, this could be leveraged to exonerate the other party from fault.

Maintain Accurate Records of Your Healthcare

Each medical consultation, prescription, and physiotherapy session should be meticulously documented. This is not merely about copays and personal costs; it's related to the investment of time, inconvenience, and a significant alteration in your lifestyle. A comprehensive depiction of your medical care post-accident strengthens your case for compensation.

It isn't only about keeping track of time. Maintain an exact timeline of treatments along with any improvements or setbacks as they occur. These detailed records serve a dual purpose: they not only bolster your claim but also assist your healthcare providers in assessing the impact of each treatment, enabling them to make necessary adjustments.

Maintain Uniformity in Your Facts

Individuals often overvalue their memory capabilities, underscoring the importance of documenting details. Consistency in your account of events is vital; if you initially told the police that sunlight impaired your vision, contradicting this later with the insurer, claiming it was cloudy, could undermine your credibility.

Maintaining a consistent narrative enhances its believability. It's preferable to truthfully admit a 20% fault than appear deceitful, potentially leading the other party to attribute a larger portion of fault, such as 40% or 50%, to you.


The losses from a car accident can be significant, particularly if you've suffered severe injuries. Given the large sums of money involved, handling your claim alone may not be advisable. Instead, think about booking a no-cost consultation with a seasoned lawyer to learn about the legal assistance you can avail.

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