Of course, we think we're awesome, but check out some of the messages we've received recently from claims personnel and service providers across the country. These are all highly influential companies in their respective industries. This list speaks to just how highly regarded Claims Pages has been for almost two decades and how much potential the future holds as we use new technologies to improve our product.

  Our entire company uses your website. We love it! Thank you for putting it out there, it is very appreciated.

A. Pleiss / Claims Adjuster
Battle Creek Mutual

  I have been using your Claims Pages for years! I keep it on hand in the event that I need to find a consultant for a claim. Thank you for the resource!

Bruce F. / Independent Adjuster

  I love talking to people about this business and I feel that Claims Pages helps people, it is more than the ads and advertising, it is about relationships and networking and sometimes people do not understand that; I explain that to them. This economy has knocked people for a loop and start up businesses are taking it the worst and they are the ones that need you guys the most - you guys at Claims Pages work very hard to support and promote these businesses and so it is so much more than the actual ad itself. I appreciate Claims Pages!

Cathy H. / Chief Executive Officer
CJ Hester, Inc.

  We use your resources all the time... good stuff!

Tom M. / Owner & Adjuster
Missouri Claims Services

  The Claims Pages is the ultimate in claims directories! It has so much useful information for the adjuster! I in particular like the careers section, the free calculator section, the payout info etc. that is online.

Billy A. / Independent Adjuster

  The entire Claims Pages website is awesome! I have logged in over the years & I am amazed how it has developed into a very useful tool for adjusters!

Glenn F. / Adjuster
Gallagher Bassett

  Thank you for The Claims Pages! I've been using it for many years as a resource for the expansive resources, contacts, etc.

Dawn F. / Assistant Claims Manager
Statewide Claims Service

  I was recently introduced to The Claims Pages and have found it most informative to say the least. As a part time insurance adjuster my time for research for my profession is in limited quantity & CP makes it easier and less time consuming. Thank you!

David E. / Independent Adjuster

  I have been a big fan of The Claims Pages for many years and still continue to use the hard copy publication. However, in these days of Internet magic, I can get everything I need online since your website is outstanding and easy to maneuver through with so much helpful information. Keep up the great job and I hope potential new clients will discover our company while enjoying your website and publications!

Everett S. / Adjuster & Appraiser
Everett Smith & Associates

  Claims Pages is a great resource. I would like to say that the multi-state lookup capability is beneficial to someone like me who is licensed in multiple states and has the potential to handle claims in a regional territory. The drop downs allow one to narrow down their search and be more city/state specific. As I identify my future career path and the line of insurance claim handling I may pursue, I'm sure it will be even more helpful. It is also of great value that it is accessible 24/7 from any location which is great for so many of us adjusters work after 5pm anyway. I find that I still like the hard copy of the directory, if anything it can help me identify what links I may choose to make my "favorites" in the future..

Deborah H. / Adjuster

  The Claims Pages... I LOVE IT!... have been using it for several years.

Melissa S. / Field Claims Coordinator
The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

  I utilize the various forms that you provide on claimspages.com. I supervise auto and property files so some of the construction and depreciation information is useful in my day to day.

Tom M. / Owner & Adjuster
Missouri Claims Services

  The Claims Pages directory is a fantastic resource and has become my go-to guide for easy retrieval of phone numbers and contact information. The lists of governmental agency contact numbers (police, fire, hospitals, vital records, etc...) are extremely helpful and very useful. When training new adjusters, I've handed them the book and told them that it'll become their best resource - and directed them to the online site for additional information. I appreciate the online availablity of professional, useful form letters, statement guidelines and state by state information with regard to laws. The Claims Pages is and will continue to be a valuable resource in my claims handling operation.

Kelly M., SCLA, AIC / Owner & Adjuster
Montague Adjusting Company L.L.C.

  As a surplus lines brokerage, I constantly refer to the agents and customers that call in for forms they need, suggestions of vendors and resource tools to assist in claims and everyday insurance handling. I like no matter where I am that if I need specific tools in adjustment I can rely on Claims Pages to have everything I need.

Kraig C. / SIU Senior Claims Adjuster
Southern Insurance Underwriters

  This is a great website!!! Many of the resources listed under "documents" will be helpful to my team.

Matt S. / Team Leader
Selective Insurance Company of America

  I just wanted to compliment you on the upgrade on your website. It's great! Also, Claims Pages has become an invaluable resource to my operation. Keep up the good work.

Marshall B. / Adjuster
Frontier Adjusters

  Thank you for the documents section on your web site. It is a great resource! I have walked out of my office on several occasions leaving what I needed behind and was simply able to go to your site to get it. Thanks again.

Bill C. / Adjuster
Frontier Adjusters

  I had a nice chat with one of your representatives yesterday about your services at The Claims Pages. I mentioned to her that my instructor with AICPCU mentioned Claims Pages as a reference to students in the AIC33 class and wanted to let you know as well.

Carrie A. / ARM
Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc

  I refer to the web site on a regular basis. Your folks do such a terrific job and it has made my life as a claims adjuster easier just knowing where I can go and get the information I need without spending precious time searching for it. I have passed your information along to many other adjusters and restoration companies. Please express my great appreciation to everyone at The Claims Pages for the effort they put forth in creating such a wonderful resource for those of us out in the field. Keep up the great work!

Doug M. / Owner & Adjuster
Capitol Adjusters

  Thank you for your courteous and professional help today. I very much appreciate your web and mail applications and use them often. Your free forms and statement guides have been invaluable to my adjusters and me in doing our jobs. Having access to such a wide range of current professional forms makes life so much easier in this business. I don't think a week goes by that we don't refer to you at least once.

Cheryle H. / Owner & Adjuster
Frontier Adjusters