Manager, Customer Experience

This position is responsible for ensuring the successful execution of the Multifamily Housing Customer Experience Management Model. The goal of this model is to build an environment that continuously meets the requirements of our specialty services clients and customers by having effective feedback, reporting, quality control, and governance mechanisms in place to ensure a consistent and superior experience at every key touch-point, including sales (web or call), servicing (web or call) claims filing (IVR, phone, and web), claims fulfillment, and other touchpoints such as communications . This position will manage the main elements to this model, which are:

  • Mechanisms for collecting and measuring Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback at key touch-points;
  • Methods for analyzing feedback and identifying process improvements that will positively impact the customer experience, including standardized reporting dashboards and decks to communicate results;
  • A Governance Board, comprised of senior leadership representation from the functional areas within multifamily housing business, with a defined process to drive changes to the Companyís policies and procedures to manage and improve the customer experience.

During new client/program implementations, this position will assist in creating and documenting all Customer Experience process flows (POS, claims filing/tracking, and device fulfillment) and customer communications (letters, emails, and texts) as well as partner with IT to develop and write the business rules for the claims adjudication system. Also, this position with work with Account Management and Marketing to scope and deliver the desired customer experiences for all touchpoints.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, passionate about the customer and quality control, and skilled at identifying and monitoring customer-centric KPIs, including online. The ideal candidate should also be a strong collaborator with the ability to build relationships and effectively communicate and influence across all management and organizational levels. Reports to AVP, Customer Experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • 35%: At key customer touch-points, ensure the effective and efficient collection of VOC and other quality control mechanisms to capture and measure the customer experience, including both direct methods such as Customer Satisfaction surveys and Google analytics and indirect methods such as customer studies.
  • 30%: Build best-in-class reporting suite and dashboards to identify, analyze, and communicate deep VOC insights (both quantitative and qualitative) and recommend business/process improvement opportunities with impact to the business.
  • 25%: Champion the Customer Experience on cross-functional teams (including operations, sales, creative, and technical talents) to ensure the design and delivery of a consistent and superior customer experience. Build journey maps, gather research, and identify and drive improvements to the customer experience. This includes managing a structured, disciplined approach to monitor and update websites, call experiences and communications Ė ensuring that the customer experience is accurate, fresh, and relevant.
  • 10%: In support of new client/program/product launches, champion the Customer Experience on implementation teams. This includes: create and document all Customer Experience process flows (from POS/Enrollment to Claims Filing to Device Fulfillment) and customer communications; work with IT on business requirements for the claims adjudication system; and partner with Account Management and Marketing to scope and deliver a customized online customer experience.
  • This role oversees CX analysts and is responsible for overall execution and effectiveness of the Customer Experience Management Model, including tools (such as VOC surveys and the Corrective and Preventive Actions or CAPA escalations tracker), reports, and Governance Board.

Required skills/experience:

  • Bachelorís Degree required; Masterís Degree preferred.
  • Seven years plus related business experience in customer-focused management positions, where customer feedback data is continuously collected and analyzed, quality is continuously monitored, and processes are continuously improved.
  • Successful track record delivering large, complex projects on time and on budget.
  • Passionate about the client/customer and quality control.
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong working knowledge of online analytics.
  • Strong UX/technical background; ability to manage digital projects.
  • Skilled at translating client/customer needs to Company policies, procedures, and process flow maps.
  • Strong operations experience with the various channels customers use to interact with us and provide feedback: face to face, over the phone, through a website, or through an application.
  • Creative, yet detail-oriented.
  • Strong project and time management skills.
  • Collaborative approach to leadership, with strong listening, facilitation, and persuasion skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationships and consensus as well as effectively communicate and influence across all management and organizational levels.