Alaska - Motor Vehicle Collision Report: 12-200 (4/12)

The Alaska Motor Vehicle Collision report describes the persons, vehicles, and circumstances involved. It includes a crash diagram and narrative, with contributing factors and sequence of events.


Alaska - Motor Vehicle Crash Form: 12-209

This form is Alaska driver's self-report form for a motor vehicle crash where the damage is less than $500. It describes the persons, vehicles and circumstances involved, and includes a crash diagram.

Kansas - Motor Vehicle Accident Report - Heavy Vehicle & HAZMAT Supplement: 852 (1/09)

Motor vehicle accident report form used in Kansas when an incident involves heavy vehicles, buses or hazardous materials.

Diminution In Value Cases In All 50 States

Diminution in value is claimed when the value of a damaged, but repaired, item is less than the value before the loss. Subrogation professionals should be aware of when and how the laws of each state deal with diminution of value. This chart is a summary of how the first-party issue is treated in all 50 states.

Idaho - Vehicle Collision Report: ITD-90 (12/3/96)

The motor vehicle collision report is used in Idaho when someone is injured or property damage exceeds $1500.

Arkansas - Motor Vehicle Crash Report - Code Sheet: (1/07)

This code sheet is used to decipher a motor vehicle accident report from Arkansas.

Georgia - Motor Vehicle Accident Report: DOT-523 (12/03)

The standard traffic accident report used in the state of Georgia, which includes driver, passenger and vehicle identification, and an accident diagram.

Georgia - Uniform Motor Vehicle Report Continuation: DOT-523C (12/03)

Continuation form used with the standard traffic accident report of Georgia when there are multiple persons from high occupancy vehicles involved.