Arizona Workers' Compensation Forms

A collection of workers' compensation forms which are authorized to be used in the state of Arizona.


Arizona - Crash Report - Truck/Bus Supplement: 01-2710 (7/10)

This supplemental form is used along with the standard Arizona Traffic Accident Report when a truck or bus is involved in an accident. It includes carrier information, vehicle configuration and sequence of events.

Arizona - Crash Report Fatal Supplement: 01-2705 (2010)

The supplemental crash report is used for each fatality associated with an Arizona traffic accident, and includes safety device usage or failure, ejection path, tests for alcohol/drugs, and EMS timeline.

Arizona - Crash Report: 01-2704 (6/10)

The standard traffic accident report used in Arizona includes vehicle and driver identification, vehicle condition, location, roadway type, traffic control devices, environmental conditions, crash narrative and an accident diagram.

Arizona Counties Map

This document displays a map of Arizona with county boundaries and names.

Arizona Counties Map - Non Label

This document displays a blank map template of Arizona with county boundaries.

Worker's Compensation Subrogation In Construction For All 50 States

This article will present a quick overview of current workers’ compensation subrogation in construction settings.