Auto Investigation Checklist

A checklist of items that an adjuster would routinely collect during the investigation of an automobile accident.


Death Claims Investigation Checklist

A checklist helpful for establishing whether an insured is dead or alive, with research techniques to identify motives in possible cases of life insurance fraud.

Auto Repossessions Checklist

List of steps to take when handling a claim that includes automobile repossession by a lienholder who reports damage to the vehicle.

Auto Theft Checklist

Details the steps that an adjuster should take when handling an auto theft claim. It also contains links to other related forms such as a reservation of rights letter, a non-waiver agreement, and an investigating officer statement guideline.

Auto Theft Loss Checklist

Similar to form number 9221F, this checklist lists the steps that an adjuster should take when handling an auto theft claim.

Diminution In Value Cases In All 50 States

Diminution in value is claimed when the value of a damaged, but repaired, item is less than the value before the loss. Subrogation professionals should be aware of when and how the laws of each state deal with diminution of value. This chart is a summary of how the first-party issue is treated in all 50 states.

Montana - Accident Investigation Codes

Montana accident investigation codes used to decipher an accident report.

New Jersey - Police Crash Investigation Report: NJTR-1 (4/10)

These are all of the crash investigation report forms used in New Jersey, including the code overlay sheets. The report and codes detail driver/persons involved, location, roadway conditions, traffic control, pre-accident actions, safety equipment, vehicle types, collision type, vehicle damage, injuries, and contributing circumstances. A crash diagram is included.