Claim Activity Log

This MS Word form is used to document activity on an individual claim.


Adjuster's Log Sheet

Daily log to document adjuster activity on a specific claim.

Claim Register Sheet

Basic registry form for logging when claims are received and closed.

National Flood Insurance Program - Adjuster Claims Manual - Part IV

The NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual Part IV contains claims forms.

Adjuster's Loss Certification and Apportionment of Claim

This form is used to recommend to the insurer the amount of payment for a loss, and apportionment when a property is covered by two or more insurance companies.

California Earthquake Authority - Claim Manual 2016

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) claim manual is designed to assist claim representatives in the investigation and settlement of earthquake claims.

Claim Acknowledgement Letter

A basic MS Word template letter sent as a best practice for the protection of all parties involved. The letter acknowledges receipt of the claim and requests contact with the insured or claimant.