Claim Register Sheet

Basic registry form for logging when claims are received and closed.


Adjuster's Log Sheet

Daily log to document adjuster activity on a specific claim.

Adjuster's Loss Certification and Apportionment of Claim

This form is used to recommend to the insurer the amount of payment for a loss, and apportionment when a property is covered by two or more insurance companies.

Alabama - Uniform Traffic Accident Report - Supplemental Sheet: AST-34 (4/86)

This 1986 supplemental sheet provides a place to list additional traffic accident victims and to give additional narrative regarding a traffic accident beyond the amount of space provided on the Alabama Uniform Traffic Accident Report.

Alabama - Uniform Traffic Accident Report - Truck/Bus Supplemental Sheet: AST-34T (1/94)

This 1994 supplemental sheet to an Alabama Uniform Traffic Accident Report is to be completed when an accident meets both of the following criteria: (1) involves a truck with 6 or more tires or a Haz/Mat placard, or a bus designed to carry 16 or more people, and (2) results in at least one of the following: one or more fatalities, one or more persons injured and taken from the scene for medical attention, or one or more vehicles towed from the scene.

Arkansas - Motor Vehicle Collision Report - Code Sheet: (5/00)

This code sheet is used to decipher the motor vehicle accident report from the state of Arkansas.

Assignment Sheet

Generic form for assigning an automobile claim to an independent adjuster for investigation and handling. The form lists the insurance company, insured, claimant, endorsements, vehicle details, date and description of loss, and contact information for all parties involved.


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