Georgia - Uniform Vehicle Accident Report Overlay: DOT-523 Overlay

Code sheet used to decipher the Vehicle Accident Report for Georgia.


North Dakota - Motor Vehicle Crash Report Code Overlay: DOT 2356 (7/13)

North Dakota motor vehicle code overlay used in conjunction with the DOT crash report form.

New Jersey - Police Accident Report: Code Overlay (4/10)

This code sheet is used to decipher the motor vehicle accident report from the state of New Jersey. These codes are used to represent all circumstances of a traffic incident. Codes detail location, roadway type and surface condition, environmental conditions, traffic control, pre-accident actions, type of accident, safety equipment used, vehicle type, vehicle damage, physical complaints and injuries of driver/pedestrian, physical status, contributing circumstances and county hospitals. It includes crash diagrams and samples of cargo vehicle types.

Washington - Police Traffic Collision Report Overlay (8/14)

The overlay contains codes used to describe accident details in the Washington Police traffic collision report.

Georgia - Uniform Motor Vehicle Report Continuation: DOT-523C (12/03)

Continuation form used with the standard traffic accident report of Georgia when there are multiple persons from high occupancy vehicles involved.

Utah - Investigating Officer' Report of Traffic Crash & Overlay: DI-9 (3/08)

The Utah traffic crash report describes the persons, vehicles and circumstances involved, and includes the code overlays used to decipher the details of the incident.

Georgia - Motor Vehicle Accident Report: DOT-523 (12/03)

The standard traffic accident report used in the state of Georgia, which includes driver, passenger and vehicle identification, and an accident diagram.

South Dakota - Code Overlay (12/03)

The code overlay is used to decipher the South Dakota motor vehicle accident report.

Kansas - Motor Vehicle Accident Report - Heavy Vehicle & HAZMAT Supplement: 852 (1/09)

Motor vehicle accident report form used in Kansas when an incident involves heavy vehicles, buses or hazardous materials.