The Less Invasive Approach to Permanent Odor Removal

The destructive power of a fire is felt long after the last ember has been extinguished. Dealing with the lingering effects of soot and smoke damage is overwhelming, stressful and can be a health hazard. Even with insurance coverage, cleanup is costly and time-consuming.

Restoration companies typically rip out walls and gut structures to remove the damage. For business owners, that means loss of revenue for weeks—or even months. But what if it was possible to completely eliminate soot and smoke damage in as little as 48 hours—saving time and money?

BioSweep Services has a revolutionary solution for getting back to normal as soon as possible after a fire, radically changing the traditional restoration remediation protocol. The science of BioSweep permanently and safely removes all smoke odors at the molecular level.

For one small-business owner in Orlando, Florida, BioSweep helped her from having to shut down for months or possibly even close her business.

When Hurricane Irma blew through Central Florida in September 2017, it spared Pizza Xtreme. The 2,000-square-foot neighborhood restaurant, located in a strip plaza with several other businesses, had been there since 2001 and garnered a loyal clientele.

In the aftermath of the storm, however, a fire started in one of the businesses two doors down. “We didn’t have much ash,” says Pizza Xtreme owner AnnMarie LeFler, “but there was a lot of soot and the smoke smell was unbearable.”

While the owner of the strip plaza wanted to bring in a restoration company, LeFler started looking for other solutions when she found out that she would have to close her restaurant for up to three months to accommodate the work. “The financial impact [of being closed] and the stress of my employees not having a job—it just wasn’t an option,” she says. “I couldn’t do it.”

It was her insurance agent who introduced her to BioSweep. Because of the recent hurricane, restoration companies “were telling me they couldn’t get here for two weeks—just to assess the damage,” LeFler says. Once she called BioSweep, “they sent a gentleman here the next day, and then the day after that a technician came out to mitigate all of the odor smoke damage.”

BioSweep eliminated the smoke smell in one treatment, overnight. LeFler says she was able to get back to business as usual within days. The other businesses in the plaza either had to relocate or wait almost 18 months for the traditional restoration to be completed.

A kitchen fire may seem small in comparison, but the impact of the damage is just as devastating. Kim McCracken experienced this firsthand in her Kissimmee, Florida, condo.

“The sprinkler system put out the fire, but the soot and smoke smell were worse than I could imagine,” McCracken says. A restoration company assessed the damage and delivered their solution to get rid of the odor: Gut the condo. “They wanted us to send out all the contents for cleaning. It was mind-boggling.”

McCracken’s insurance adjuster suggested she contact BioSweep. Once she made the call, “the response time was incredible,” McCracken says. “BioSweep came out the following day, made an action plan and told me it could be done in one day. The smell gone forever. It was totally clean air.”

McCracken also was impressed with the BioSweep technician. “He was informative and cooperative. I felt confident in his ability.”

For McCracken, an important aspect of doing business with BioSweep was promises made, promises kept. “The thing that really stood out to me was the difference between what the restoration company wanted to do and what BioSweep said they could do and did—in one day.”

So how does the process work?

BioSweep units produce an oxyradical plasma using a photocatalytic reaction in the treatment chamber to permanently eradicate odor molecules and harmful contaminants produced by a fire disaster. Then the vapor attacks odor molecules and contaminants in the air and on exposed surfaces and restores healthy indoor air quality. Average treatment time for a 2,000 square foot structure can range from as little as eight to twelve hours. BioSweep units are at least 10 times more powerful compared to most commercial ozone generators. Additionally, any contents left in place are deodorized and decontaminated as well.

BioSweep Services works with all major insurance companies to deliver safe and permanent smoke odor removal as well as air and surface decontamination. We work on Daily Claims, Large Loss Claims and all CAT Wildfire Claims.

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