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3 Things You Should Look for in a TPA

When it comes to choosing a TPA/DCA, there are an abundance of options out there, and it can be difficult to find one that best fits your needs. And then, if they ultimately donít meet your expectations, taking a chance on a new one is even more daunting. Make looking for a TPA/DCA that supports the unique needs of the Domestic and London Markets easier by ensuring they have these 3 qualities:

  1. Technical Expertise

    TPA/DCA claims handling is not a ďone size fits allĒ operation. Improper adjudication of claims has cost the insurance industry untold millions of dollars. It can lead to increased claim lifecycle and litigation costs and reduced policyholder retention. Each program has its unique parameters requiring an in-depth knowledge of the line of business as well as the claim venue.

    With our decades of experience, TheBest Claims is unrelenting in our commitment to provide our clients with thoughtful, accurate and timely claims handling. We pay attention to the details, like meticulously reviewing the policy and all endorsements before adjusting the claim.

  2. Technology-Forward Thinking

    In an age where the claims landscape is constantly evolving, your TPA/DCA partner should always be thinking ahead. Automated bordereaux, access to real-time claims data, and the ability to provide bespoke solutions to your programsí requirements should be the new reality of TPA/DCA claims handling. Whether itís through regular API data transmissions extracted directly from the ECF system or utilizing new claims management technology to process claims faster, your TPA/DCA should be ahead of the curve.

    TheBest Claims has positioned itself as a leader in innovation by building a bridge between our electronic file handling system and the London Marketís leading provider of e-checks; weíre focused on ingenuity and partnering with companies to achieve their goals and aspirations.

  3. Access to Exceptional Talent

    You should be able to trust the professionals handling your claims are exactly that, professionals. With the increasing rate of retirement and a talent gap that is only getting wider, itís become a significant challenge to find individuals with the experience and expertise to handle complex and niche claims properly and thoroughly.

    Finding a TPA /DCA with access to the skill set required for each program is top priority. TheBest Claims has spent 25 years crafting a network of claims professionals who are vetted and proven to be experts in their fields. This allows TheBest Claims to not only provide the talent required to handle your claims but allows for scaling of assets when there is a spike in volume.

TheBest Claims Solutions is on a mission to spread awareness that insurers donít have to settle for mediocrity; there are companies ready to push against the status quo. By providing partners with solutions that are accurate, innovative, and trusted, they are setting a new standard for TPAs/DCAs in both the Domestic and London Markets.

About Matt: With over 30 years in the insurance industry, Matt has found his passion in Delegated Claims Administration. Prior to joining TheBest Claims Solutions, Matt was Vice President and National TPA Manager of a regional independent adjusting company with a national TPA footprint. Matt is focused on growing a DCA and TPA division with TheBest Claims Solutions that defies expectations and sets a new standard within the industry. Contact Matt at:

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