Making a Mark: How to Stand Out to Carriers

Making a Mark: How to Stand Out to Carriers

  Sunday, July 9th, 2023  Claims Pages Staff  Mastering Relationship Building in the Insurance Landscape

Welcome to the bustling, lively festival of carrier relationships. As a claims professional, you are more than just an attendee; you are a performer, standing at the center of the insurance industry stage. The spotlight is on you, your performance is set to begin, and the carriers - your audience - await with eager anticipation. Are you ready to give them a show they won’t forget?

This article serves as your script, the guide to your outstanding performance. It's about more than just knowing your lines—it's about the way you deliver them, the way you engage with your audience, and the unforgettable impression you leave behind.

Part 1: Demonstrating Expertise

Understanding the Role

Before you step into the spotlight, let's understand your role. As claims professionals, you're more than just conveyors of information. You’re educators, interpreters, problem solvers, and above all, experts in your field.

Your performance is all about demonstrating that expertise, not just in knowing the claims process, but also in understanding the unique characteristics of each claim, the nuances of policy coverage, and the individual needs of our insureds. This is where you start building a strong character for your performance.

Building Your Expertise

Building expertise is much like perfecting your act for the grand performance. It starts with a solid foundation in claims management fundamentals. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of policy coverage, investigation techniques, and resolution strategies. Attend workshops, seminars, and training sessions to continuously update your skills; you must dedicate yourself to ongoing learning.

From there, focus on expanding your knowledge in specialized areas. The world of insurance is a tapestry of different scenes, each with its unique features. Maybe it's a deep understanding of commercial property claims, a knack for navigating the tricky waters of workers' compensation, or a talent for resolving complex liability issues. By developing and showcasing this specialized knowledge, you'll make your mark as a leading performer on the insurance stage.

Sharing Your Expertise

Of course, it's not enough to merely have expertise—you need to demonstrate it to your audience, the carriers. This involves effectively communicating your knowledge and using it to benefit both the insured and the carrier.

Consider each claim as a scene in your performance where you get to display your expertise. Explain complex terms and procedures clearly to the insured, propose innovative solutions to complicated issues, and demonstrate a deep understanding of the policies and coverage.

But remember, this isn't a monologue; it's an interactive performance. Listen to the carriers' concerns, answer their questions, and be open to their input. Show them that you value their perspective and are willing to learn from them.

In the grand theater of insurance, demonstrating expertise is your opening act. It grabs the attention of your audience, sets the tone for the rest of your performance, and piques their curiosity about what you'll do next.

Part 2: The Art of Proactivity

Mastering the Act of Anticipation

As the curtain lifts for the second act, the stage is set for a different kind of performance - the art of proactivity. In the theater of insurance, proactivity isn’t just a skill, it's a full-blown spectacle. It's about predicting plot twists before they occur, having your lines ready before they're prompted, and being the performer who steals the show with their forward-thinking approach.

In the context of insurance claims, being proactive means anticipating potential issues, taking preemptive steps to address them, and keeping everyone involved in the loop. It’s about being a step ahead, making moves before you're directed, and guiding the claims process towards a swift, favorable resolution.

Showcasing Your Proactivity

Now, how do you showcase your proactivity to the carriers? Start by keeping your eyes on the script (the claim) and identifying potential plot twists (issues). Maybe it's a question of coverage, a looming deadline, or a potential dispute. Whatever it is, identify it early, plan your lines (strategies) accordingly, and let your audience (the carrier) know what's coming. This early warning not only averts possible delays but also shows carriers that you’re proactive and value their involvement in the claim.

Next, step into the spotlight and perform! Don't wait for a cue to act. Address issues promptly, answer queries before they're raised, and communicate regularly with the carrier. Show them that you're not just a performer reacting to the play's events, but an active player setting the pace and driving the action.

Proactivity in Practice

Proactivity goes beyond merely acting swiftly. It's about staying on top of trends, changes in laws and regulations, and industry advancements, then applying this knowledge to your claims handling. It's about recognizing the implications of a court ruling on your current claims, understanding the impact of a new law, and incorporating the latest technology to streamline your process.

Consider this scenario: A change in state law impacts workers' compensation claims, potentially causing delays for current claims. As a proactive claims adjuster, you are not only aware of this change, but you're also quick to communicate this to the carrier, offer a clear plan to mitigate the impact, and provide reassurance of your preparedness. This kind of proactive performance is what earns you a standing ovation from your carrier audience.

But the show's not over yet.

Part 3: The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service

Why Exceptional Customer Service Matters

As we move into the third act of our performance, we enter the realm of magic, where claims professionals transform into wizards of customer service. In this act, the sleight of hand is not about pulling rabbits out of hats, but about creating experiences that leave carriers and insureds feeling valued, respected, and heard.

Why do we say magic, you ask? Because exceptional customer service has the power to transform relationships, perceptions, and outcomes. It's the spell that turns a disgruntled insured into a loyal customer, a skeptical carrier into a trusting partner, and a complex claim into a smoothly handled case.

Crafting the Magic: Communication and Responsiveness

The secret to our magical act lies in two fundamental elements: communication and responsiveness. Communication is the incantation you weave, the words you choose, and the tone you employ. It's about clarity, transparency, and consistency. Meanwhile, responsiveness is the magic wand you wave, quickly and effectively addressing concerns, answering queries, and resolving issues.

Imagine a claim where the policy coverage is complex, and the resolution timeline is uncertain. A magical customer service performance would involve explaining the complexities to the insured in understandable terms, setting realistic expectations about the timeline, and consistently updating the insured and the carrier about the claim's status. This kind of transparency can dispel uncertainty, minimize frustrations, and foster a sense of trust and confidence.

Beyond the Expected: Going the Extra Mile

Exceptional customer service isn't just about meeting expectations; it's about exceeding them. It's about going that extra mile that transforms a good performance into a great one, a pleased audience into a thrilled one.

Consider a scenario where an insured has multiple questions and concerns about their claim. You could simply answer their queries and move on to the next task, right? But in our magical act, we take it a step further. We take the time to understand their underlying concerns, offer reassurances, provide additional resources, and ensure they feel fully comfortable with the process.

This approach extends to carriers as well. Keep them in the loop, seek their input, and value their perspective. Show them that you not only consider them an audience to your performance but also an integral part of the act.

The Magic in Action

Let's paint a picture of this magic in action. Suppose there's a delay in a claim resolution due to an ongoing investigation. The insured is worried, and the carrier is concerned. As the claims adjuster, you step in with your magic. You communicate the reasons for the delay clearly, you reassure the insured about the investigation process, and you keep the carrier updated about the progress. You're responsive to their concerns, you're proactive with your updates, and you're empathetic in your approach. This is the magic of exceptional customer service.

Customer service is more than just a part of your performance; it's the heart of it. It's what makes your act memorable, your audience satisfied, and your relationships strong.

Part 4: The Grand Finale: Building Strong Relationships

The Key to the Finale: Relationship Building

As we step into the grand finale of our performance, we arrive at the very essence of our act, the climax of our show: building strong relationships. You see, your performance is not just about dazzling the audience with our expertise, proactivity, and exceptional service. It's about using these skills to forge strong, lasting relationships with carriers, those pivotal characters in our ongoing drama of insurance.

Relationship building is not a solitary scene but the underlying theme of your entire performance. It's woven into every interaction, every decision, every claim you handle. And it's these relationships that turn the spotlight brighter on you, make your performance more impactful, and earn you an encore in this grand theater of insurance.

Practicing the Art of Relationship Building

Relationship building is an art that requires time, effort, and a genuine commitment to the role we play. It's about proving ourselves to be reliable performers, showing respect towards fellow actors (carriers and insureds), and understanding the script (claim) from all perspectives.

Communication, transparency, and reliability are the three pillars of this art. Ensure clear, consistent communication with carriers, keeping them updated about every plot twist and turn. Be transparent about claim details, potential issues, and resolution strategies, setting the stage for mutual trust. Prove your reliability by handling claims efficiently, meeting your commitments, and following through on your promises.

Strong Relationships: The Reward for a Stellar Performance

The reward for your stellar performance? It's not just the applause at the end of the show. It's the strong relationships built with carriers, the trust gained, and the positive reputation earned in the insurance industry. These relationships are what make carriers eager to work with you, confident in your abilities and appreciative of your work.

Strong relationships with carriers lead to better outcomes for everyone involved. For carriers, it means working with claims professionals who they trust and value. For you, it means having carriers who support, respect, and recognize your expertise. For insureds, it means a smoother claims process, handled by a harmonious team of professionals.

Curtain Call: Your Ongoing Performance

So, here we are at the end of our show, but remember, in the theater of insurance, the performance never truly ends. Each claim is a new show, each interaction a new scene, each day an opportunity to improve your act.

As a claims professional, your job is to keep learning, keep improving, and keep performing to the best of your abilities. With expertise, proactivity, exceptional customer service, and strong relationship building as your guiding principles, you're ready to face the spotlight, captivate your audience, and deliver a performance that makes a mark.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the grand theater of insurance. As the curtains close, we hope you step out onto the stage with renewed confidence, ready to captivate your carrier audience, ready to make your mark.

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