Mid-America Catastrophe Services

32nd Annual Anti-Fraud Conference

 Wednesday, April 13, 2022  -  Friday, April 15, 2022

Location: Monterey, CA - Hyatt Regency

Sponsor: Anti-Fraud Alliance, CDI, CDAA and NICB

Website: https://annualantifraudconference.com/

The Annual Anti-Fraud Conference is not open to the general public and registration for the Conference is subject to review and approval by the Conference. Attendance at the Conference is open to members in good standing with the Anti-Fraud Alliance, California District Attorneys Association, National Insurance Crime Bureau, the California Department of Insurance, or the Southern California Fraud Investigators Association; peace officers; prosecutors, investigators and agents employed by any state or the federal government; insurance company officers, directors, or managers with management responsibility over any state-mandated anti-fraud group, including Special Investigation Units; insurance company claims personnel, including integral anti-fraud personnel; private investigators who, as a major part of their duties, investigate insurance fraud on behalf of insurance companies; third party administrators handling claims on behalf of insurance companies or self-insured entities; employees of self-insured entities engaged who oversee or handle claims and are involved in anti-fraud activities; persons licensed to practice law by any state who, as a major part of their practice, provide legal services to insurance companies, third-party administrators or self-insured entities in connection with anti-fraud efforts; and all other persons approved by the Conference.