Free CE Classes: Claims-Policy and Practice & Fixing Bad-The Cleanup of Meth Labs

 Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Location: Orlando, FL

Sponsor: Paul Davis Restoration of Orlando


Phone: 407) 629-6700


Agents & Adjusters. Claims-Policy and Practice # 101778 (3 credits) From 8:30 am-11:30 am. Agents and adjusters are aware of the need to stay on track in the claims environment. This class begins with discussion of pre-claim activities such as coverage issues, dissemination of information, risk inspections, policy audit and reserves. Common policy language is covered and definitions discussed along with responsibilities being assigned. The steps involved in driving a successful claim to closure as well as getting an unsuccessful claim back on the right path are previewed for both the property and casualty segments of the insurance industry. Claims jargon such as RCV, ACV, ITV and more is clarified and methodology for discovery is covered. Obligation, roles, and documentation are covered for both the insurance representative and the policy holder. Lunch provided.
Fixing Bad- The Clean-Up of Meth Labs #101783 (3 credits) From 12:30 pm -3:30 pm. Participants will be able to better understand the definition of a meth lab and the many hazards they present to the community at large. Descriptions of types of labs and what insurance carriers and property managers should be on the lookout for will be discussed. The course also shares examples of what meth looks like both as a drug and how it affects the user. Lunch provided.