Free CE - Fire Investigation: Undetermined Cause is the Beginning, Not the End

 Friday, September 25, 2020

Location: Online

Sponsor: Envista Forensics


Often fires are deemed “undetermined,” particularly by local authorities whose primary task is determining if a crime has occurred. This presentation will provide tools to analyze potential Subrogation and recovery theories in such matters, including addressing the detection, suppression, and spread of fire. The presentation will also examine common construction issues and code violations, building monitoring and security, and other items unrelated to the cause of the fire that often arise and may present or affect opportunities for recovery. We will focus on the cause of the damage rather than the cause of the fire. In addition, we will also address potential theories of recovery in arson matters, as well as fires where the origin is clear and the ignition source is considered “probable” based upon a comprehensive investigation. Careless smoking fires and claims against cigarette manufacturers will be addressed. Finally, we will discuss the possible theories relating to control of the premises of origin and/or “res ipsa loquitor”.