Justice Delayed or Justice Denied? Developments and Trends with Statutes of Limitation in Sexual Abuse Claims

 Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Location: Online

Sponsor: The CLM

Website: https://www.theclm.org/Webinars

Claims involving allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct by individuals in positions of leadership and authority present many unique challenges. One of the more difficult may be the fact that most of the claims come to light years after the offensive conduct is alleged to have taken place. These claims are often sensational and high profile. These claims often involve significant time gaps between the alleged misconduct and filing of a claim. There may be complications presented by unavailability, often due to death, of those involved and the absence of records. This session will focus on the issue of the statute of limitation and will address other related issues such as coverage and bankruptcy. This session will address current trends and changing legislative sentiment and laws regarding statutes of limitation. We will discuss the need to balance the intended purposes for statutes of limitation with the desire to address and discourage unacceptable behavior toward the weakest members of our society.