Mid-America Catastrophe Services

Putting the Puzzle Together - Packaging and Sending Claims

 Thursday, July 28, 2022

Location: Mobile, AL

Sponsor: Adjust U

E-Mail: jonathan@adjust-u.com

Website: https://www.adjust-u.com/

You received your adjuster license, you’ve learned Xactimate- Now what? One of the main struggles a new adjuster faces on their first deployment(s) is putting everything together. A claim is much more than just the Xactimate estimate- it is a package of documents you send the insurance carrier to justify the claim. This can include a Narrative (Sometimes referred to a GLR, Final Report, or First and Final), Billing (Either thru Xactimate or added documents), ITV (Insured to Value) Reports, Photo Reports, and much more. In addition, the file must be documented throughout the life of a claim -if you do not document, it did not happen. In addition to all of this, we still must apply the estimate to policy.
This course will take you through the process of writing and packaging a claim from A to Z.
Additional Topics to be covered
• Report Macros (Creating and Using)
• Importing Tokened Documents
• Importing/Exporting ESX files
• Using Xactanalysis
• Developing a routine
A must have class for the new and/or inexperienced adjuster that would like to prepare for success for their first or next deployment!