Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Car Insurance Claim

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Car Insurance Claim

  Wednesday, February 14th, 2024   Partner Content

Handling the aftermath of a collision can be really tough, and it gets even tougher when you need to make an insurance claim. Making sure your insurance claim goes smoothly is vital. However, people often make significant mistakes that can impact their ability to receive appropriate compensation.

When filing a claim, it’s vital to address injuries sustained in the crash. Sustaining an injury after a car accident impacts your physical health and introduces complexity to the claim process. In this post, we will explore typical errors people commit while submitting claims for auto insurance:

Delaying the Incident Report

A common mistake when initiating a car insurance claim is postponing informing your insurer. The majority of insurance policies have explicit deadlines for reporting claims. Neglecting them could potentially jeopardize the claim’s validity.

Insurance companies necessitate immediate notification of accidents or incidents for several reasons. Prompt reporting enables the insurer to conduct a thorough investigation while the evidence is fresh and readily accessible.

Delaying the report may result in lost or compromised evidence, making it challenging to determine liability accurately. Quick reporting also enables the insurer to fulfill its obligation to offer timely assistance and support to the policyholder such as arranging towing services or rental vehicles if necessary.

Accepting the Initial Settlement Offer Without Question

Accepting the initial settlement offer without a survey is a common misstep following the filing of a car insurance claim. Insurers may swiftly propose settlement amounts, particularly for minor claims or damages. However, blindly agreeing to these offers can prove costly. Haste may result in inadequate coverage for your losses or damages.

Insurance companies often aim to minimize their payouts, potentially offering settlements lower than what your policy rightfully warrants. Approving a settlement without thorough review and negotiation could imply receiving far less compensation than you are entitled to, necessitating additional assessment.

Before agreeing to any settlement your insurance company offers, carefully assess the terms to confirm they adequately cover your losses and damages. If the proposed offer appears lacking, it’s wise to negotiate with the insurer or consult legal or insurance experts to obtain equitable compensation.

Providing Incomplete and Inaccurate Information

Another mistake that can make it harder to get money from car insurance is not giving all the right information when submitting the claim. Not giving all the important details or giving the wrong ones can take longer to get paid, cause arguments, or even mean you don’t get paid at all.

Be precise and thorough when filing an auto insurance claim. Describe everything about the incident. This includes what caused it, the extent of damage or injury, and any other information the insurance company needs. Not giving accurate information can make the insurance company doubt your claim or look into it more, which could make things take longer than they need to.

To avoid making a mistake, make sure to collect all the important info and papers before sending in your claim. This might mean taking pictures of where the accident happened, getting contact details from any witnesses, and getting copies of police reports or medical records if needed. Also, make sure everything you provide is correct to avoid any problems with your claim.


When you file a car insurance claim, it’s important to pay close attention to details and follow the right steps to prevent expensive errors. To make things go smoothly and increase your chances of getting fair payment from your insurance company, report accidents promptly, give accurate details, and carefully check any settlement offers.

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