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Woodbury County, Iowa Has Over 100 Farmsteads Damaged By Twisters

 Tuesday, October 8, 2013

 ABC9 News

Three tornadoes touched—down in Woodbury county in Iowa on Friday. Two tracked between Sloan and Bronson while a third dropped near Climbing Hill before exiting into Cherokee county. All those storms caused severe damage - and that’s giving Woodbury County Emergency Manager Gary Brown a full schedule. Gary says, "What we’re doing right now and what we’ve been doing the past few days is really just trying to get a good assessment as to what’s been damaged, what’s out there, and what needs to be done for these folks. Their findings? 123 individual farmsteads have been damaged - such as a dairy farm operated by the Smits in Salix. Winds sheared off the back of one of their shelters. 21 farmsteads are completely destroyed. Gary says that while the tornadoes paths are devastating, the effects of the storm could have been made even worse.

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