Let’s Open Our Eyes To Work Safety Issues

 Tuesday, September 25, 2018

 Insurance Thought Leadership

Beware of those who seek to revise history by erasing or rewriting it altogether. This rule applies to the study of history, as well as the history of a subject such as consumer or construction safety. Indeed, for all the safety features that are now standard features in automobiles, from airbags and anti-lock brakes to seatbelts and side impact beams: If we look at how much safer it is to drive, it is even more shocking to learn the history of resistance by car manufacturers to the most basic forms of safety. The same is true within the construction industry, not because of opposition by workers, but because of challenges by insurers; which is to say that, just because a new type of technology increases safety—just because cameras allow a crane operator to see an entire job site—does not mean insurers want to champion the power of sight.
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