Outgoing Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Surveys Tornado-Stricken Areas

 Wednesday, December 5, 2018

 Muskogee Phoenix

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak ends his eight-year term in approximately a month, and it was a period he hoped would be quiet. "I’ve got 39 days left in office, and I was hoping to make it out without one more catastrophe," Doak said to a small group of officials gathered in a Cookson Fire Department briefing room. The briefing occurred just before Doak took a Tuesday morning survey of the areas afflicted by Friday night tornadoes. More than 150 primary residences and 50 boat docks were destroyed during the storm, which saw tornadoes tear through Muskogee, Cherokee, Sequoyah, Adair and Delaware counties. There were two paths forward for residents displaced by the tornado, Doak said.