Walking The Workers’ Recovery Talk - Are Jurisdictions Listening?

 Friday, April 12, 2019


Six years ago, in 2013, I started my campaign to rebrand the workers’ compensation industry. As many people know, I believe it should be called “Workers’ Recovery.” The idea isn’t simply to change the name; the belief has been that the simple adjustment of one word would shift the focus of our industry, reduce litigation, save money and improve outcomes. The industry would be called Workers’ Recovery. Adjustors would become Recovery Specialists. And Injured Workers would be referred to as Recovering Workers. I’ve spoken on this idea many times around the nation the past few years. The concept involves transparency, communication, compassion and an empathy for the recovering workers situation. It involves simple gestures like sending a card, as well as more complex challenges like engaging the employer and getting them to positively interact with their workers when off the job.
Workers' Compensation