How Insurers Can Turn Their Salvage Into Social Purpose

 Thursday, April 18, 2019

 Canadian Underwriter

If your client has filed a claim after experiencing a major event like a flood or fire, it’s likely that contractors have removed salvageable materials that are still usable. For example, in the event of a kitchen flood, contractors may place a large bin outside and start taking apart the flooring and cabinets that had been damaged. But in this case, the flood would have likely damaged flooring and lower cabinets, so why throw the upper cabinets in a bin destined for the landfill when they can be repurposed? One large Canadian insurer has taken a unique approach to divert such salvageable materials from landfills. Since 2014, The Co-operators has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Canada for the insurer’s ReClaim program, which provides Habitat for Humanity ReStores with good quality materials salvage from a home claim.