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Central Texas Storms May Have Spawned Two Tornadoes

 Thursday, May 9, 2019


Powerful storms that pushed through Central Texas Wednesday may have produced tornadoes in Robertson County and near College Station’s airport.

The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office said a tornado was spotted Wednesday afternoon on the ground in Elliott, just west of Franklin. as a storm with high winds in which radar detected two areas of rotation headed toward Hearne, Calvert and Franklin, which was struck by an F3 twister on April 13.

“It sounded like a train coming through,” said Judy Daniels, who lives just outside of Elliott.

Daniels, who took shelter inside a closet with her two Chihuahuas until the storm passed, said she heard things hitting the porch of her home, the sound of glass breaking, a roaring noise, and then rain gushing in.

“I was afraid to look, but when I did venture out, I had water all over my house and the roof was gone,” she said.