Sinkhole Created By Culvert Failure Totals Car In Dale City, Virginia

 Tuesday, July 9, 2019


The ground opened up and swallowed a car. What sounds like a movie script is exactly what happened in Dale City, Va. on Thursday night. A couple of bystanders shot video of a massive sink hole.

"Oh my God! A whole car just went down into there, look," someone shouted on cell phone video taken by Audrey Doiley. On Friday, families came out to see the massive sinkhole that ate a car.

"We live right down the street and said, ’let’s check it out.’ I’ve never seen a sinkhole like that, it’s crazy," said Todd, a neighbor. The kids have a slightly different take. "It looks cool," said Todd’s little girl.

Probably not cool for the owner of the red car, crumpled and smashed between concrete and dirt some 20-feet down.