The Problem With Scumbags Is Their Consistency

 Friday, August 9, 2019

There is one gigantic problem with scumbags. Well, there are two problems, but one of them is blatantly obvious.

The fact that a person is a scumbag is indeed a problem that is usually easily recognized. The lesser recognized problem is that they are so darn consistent with their scumbaggery.

In the world of workers’ compensation, we see this most often with employers who fail to follow the law when it comes to required coverage for their workers.

They don’t just fail to buy insurance. They lie about the status of their business. They conceal the number of employees they have, or the type of job they perform.

But their corrupt behaviors don’t stop there. They also are the ones most likely to fail to respect safety practices. They refuse to provide or use safety protection equipment. They completely disregard the value of human life.
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