Report: California Has Most Homes At Extreme Risk Of Wildfire Damage This Season

 Friday, September 13, 2019

 Desert Sun

Nearly 776,000 homes are at extreme risk of wildfire damage across the U.S. with a potential reconstruction cost value of over $220 billion, according to a report released Thursday by the Irvine-based property data company CoreLogic.

California has both the highest number of structures at extreme risk for burn loss, and the highest reconstruction cost value of homes at extreme risk for burn loss.

In California, homes in the top two categories — high and extreme — constitute more than 66% of the total reconstruction cost value nationwide, or $147 billion.

The 240,580 homes the report found in the extreme risk category in California had a $92.62 billion estimated replacement cost value.

Eight of the top 15 metropolitan areas with homes at extreme or high wildfire risk across the nation are in California, and the top three are in Southern California.

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