Auto Insurers Have A New Risk To Worry About: Luxury ‘Green’ SUVs

 Friday, October 4, 2019

 Risk & Insurance

AXA XL recently reported that, according to its liability insurance claims data, electric luxury cars and SUVs are 40% more likely to cause accidents compared to their combustion-engine counterparts.

The findings were based on 1,000 vehicles that had been on the road for seven years — referred to as 7,000-year risks.

Electric vehicles accelerate much more quickly. They can reach top speed almost instantaneously, whereas regular cars take a few seconds to rev up.

In a survey conducted by the insurer earlier this year, half of electric car drivers attested to the learning curve associated with “green” cars’ more sensitive acceleration and braking.

Without the signature hum of a motor, electric cars may also pose increased risk to pedestrians and cyclists who can’t hear them coming.