Frustrated Homeowners Turn To Ohio DOI For Tornado Claim Disputes

 Monday, October 21, 2019

 Dayton Daily News

Insurance companies have become an obstacle to some people rebuilding from the Memorial Day tornadoes, a Dayton Daily News investigation found.

The Dayton Daily News used Ohio public records laws to obtain all insurance complaints filed in Montgomery, Greene and Miami counties and identified 41 related to the Memorial Day tornadoes.

Of those, a common complaint was insurance companies refusing to replace damaged roofs, insisting instead on just replacing some shingles.

Insurance company complaints also were listed as a top concern in an ongoing survey the Dayton Daily News is asking tornado survivors to fill out to guide the newspaper’s coverage.

Dean Fadel, president of the trade group Ohio Insurance Institute, said: “Our members have a solid track record of complying with Ohio laws and regulations.”
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