Windshield Fraud Along Florida’s I-4 Corridor Fuels Insurance Battle

 Wednesday, November 13, 2019


An effort to crack down on alleged fraud in the auto-glass repair industry, particularly along the Interstate 4 corridor, is spurring an insurance battle in the state Legislature.

A proposal by Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, that went before the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee on Tuesday would prohibit repair shops from offering rebates or other incentives, such as gift cards, in exchange for motorists making insurance claims for windshield repairs or replacement.

The proposal (SB 312), tied to a long-running controversy about the state’s “assignment of benefits” insurance laws, would also ban repair shops from compensating people to solicit for insurance claims.

The committee tabled the bill Tuesday due to a lack of time, but Stewart remained optimistic about the proposal, saying, there are a “lot of good things” in it.

Stewart also is looking to amend the proposal to require repair shops to produce written estimates, to require estimates be in larger print, to set up a pre-lawsuit process between repair shops and insurance companies, to impose windshield calibration requirements and to increase notifications to customers.
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