Deadly Mold Infestation Spurs Class-Action Lawsuit Against Seattle Children’s Hospital

 Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Seattle Children’s Hospital knew for years that a mold infestation in its facilities could be related to its air-handling system, but "engaged in a cover-up" that sickened many patients and resulted in the deaths of six children, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Monday.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of patients who sought treatment at the hospital and became infected by mold.

It claims that Seattle Children’s knew since at least 2005 when a family sued the hospital, that Aspergillus mold, which is especially dangerous to those with an already weakened immune system, could be transmitted through its air-handling system.

The hospital "engaged in a cover-up designed to reassure its patients, doctors, nurses, and the public that its premises were safe, when in fact they were not," the lawsuit says.

The suit says doctors and nursing staff were not aware that the facilities were unsafe for their procedures.
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