Florida Lawmakers Seek To Block Insurers From Access To DNA Tests

 Friday, January 17, 2020


More than 26 million Americans have voluntarily submitted their DNA for analysis, but a loophole in federal law could allow some insurance companies to get the genetic information.

State lawmakers took the first step Wednesday to close the loophole.

Hundreds of DNA testing kits are on the market and getting more popular everyday. An analysis by a state legislative committee reports nearly 6% of Americans have had the tests run.

A federal law stops most insurance companies from getting their hands on the results. “There is a massive loophole for life, disability and long term care,” said Representative Chris Sprowls.

Sprowls is leading the charge to make sure insurers are barred from asking for the tests and then using them against people. “They’re gonna take genetic information that can be weaponized by an insurance company who’s gonna take it to set rates or exclude somebody from coverage,” said Sprowls.
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