Workers’ Comp Executives And Claims Professionals Agree: Here Are 3 Positive Developments In The Industry

 Tuesday, February 4, 2020

 Risk & Insurance

The Rising 2019 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Survey explored the experiences of frontline claims professionals for the first time.

Few people know more about the state of workers’ compensation today than boots-on-the-ground claims professionals. Everyday, they’re interacting with injured workers to make sure they get the best treatment possible and to ensure the claim runs smoothly.

Their frontline knowledge of the industry is one of the reasons their perspective is becoming valued by those looking to study the state of the industry.

“We’ve got a ‘perfect storm’ threatening the workers’ compensation industry right now,” Rachel Fikes, chief experience officer and study program director at Rising Medical Solutions, said in a press release.

“Frontline claims professionals are the largest and most influential employee population in our industry, yet very little research has been conducted with them to date. Adding frontline intelligence to the study’s cumulative data can help organizations advance claims management and talent practices, as well as confront the increasing stakes of attracting young professionals to our industry.”
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