Thieves Target Chevrolet Silverados, Disable OnStar Tracking

 Thursday, February 13, 2020

 NBC 5

Frustrated North Texas truck owners say their Chevy Silverados are being targeted and the devices meant to help catch the bad guys are useless.

Jarrod Hamlin is a truck guy. He runs his own remodeling business and uses a truck every day, yet he was left without a ride after his bright blue 2018 Chevy Silverado was stolen Jan. 28 in Carrollton.

He said surveillance video showed how quickly thieves were able to get away. “Within 3 minutes [thieves] were able to pop the lock, pop the hood, change the computer, disable the OnStar and steal my truck,” Hamlin said.

He tried to long on to his MyChevy app to use OnStar to track the vehicle, but it showed a failed connection and he realized OnStar had been disabled. So he called police, filed a report, then turned to social media and started hearing similar stories from other Silverado owners in the area.

“They all said the same thing: no glass was broken, their keys weren’t used and the OnStar was disabled so fast that a lot of these people said OnStar’s last known location was in front of my house,” Hamlin said.