Get Ready To Rumble: Insurance Claims Expected To Be Tested In Court

 Thursday, May 28, 2020

 The Business Journal

The fight over who should foot the bill for lost business because of shelter-in-place orders is making its way through the courts. Increasingly, business owners are finding allies in states in the fight to have business losses incurred by shelter-in-place orders and COVID-19 be covered by insurance policies.

The breadth of claims being filed has the potential to bankrupt even the most capitalized insurance agencies.

And even before courts make their rulings in the numerous disputes brought before judges regarding whether shelter-in-place orders qualify for interruption insurance, experts suggest businesses who think they have a claim file sooner rather than later.

Attorney Theodore “Tad” Hoppe at the Hoppe Law Group in Fresno encourages businesses that feel they have a claim to not wait to find out if other businesses are getting money.

He recently released a memo on business interruption insurance, breaking down some of the barriers to getting claims.