Rioters Cause ’Millions’ In Damages, Theft At Scottsdale Mall

 Monday, June 1, 2020

Scottsdale police said "millions of dollars in damages and theft" occurred in a late-night spasm of violence and looting at Scottsdale Fashion Square and surrounding businesses.

The department said 12 people were arrested and booked into jail. No officers were injured. On Sunday, Scottsdale police identified 11 out of 12 suspects arrested in conjunction with the looting, but did not identify one 17-year-old male suspect.

Police spokesman Ben Hoster said three of the 11 suspects live out of state, while the others live in various cities around the metro Phoenix area.

Hundreds of people converged on the mall Saturday, smashing windows, tagging walls with graffiti and walking out with handfuls of merchandise. The mall was closed Sunday because of the damage.

Video of the vandalism and theft raised questions about whether police could have done more to lessen the destruction.