Antique Store Tenants Suffer Fire, Mold Damage; Insurance Coverage Is Complicated

 Friday, June 26, 2020


A candle is to blame for a fire that took the life of a woman in a downtown Fremont apartment last month. Numerous tenants have been displaced and three businesses severely damaged, but frustrated owners of one store said they were kept from cleaning up for far too long.

May 23rd an apartment fire two floors up left the owners of Riff Raff Relics feeling down.

“And we are so sorry that a lady passed away and that 17 tenants lost their home,” said owner Sara Turay. The store owners say they lost an opportunity to save most of their inventory immediately after the fire.

“Start packing and cleaning everything of this and we got chased out of the building because the landlord is like you can’t be in there my insurance company says no one is allowed,” said Turay.

So, the store closed tight for three weeks in 90-degree temperatures. Many vintage items that only got wet were not allowed to be pulled out and dried. They’re now covered with mold and can’t be sold.

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