Roads, Homes Flood Throughout Hoboken As Tropical Storm Fay Drenches NJ

 Monday, July 13, 2020

 Tap Into Hoboken

Tropical Storm Fay formed quickly off the coast of the Carolinas Thursday, but after rolling through New Jersey all day Friday the impacts of the storm will not be soon forgotten.

In low-lying costal areas like Hoboken, roads quickly turned into rivers as 2.8 inches of rain dropped on the Mile Square City. Social media footage showed dramatic scenes of flash floods all across the city.

According to the Hoboken Police Department, vehicles became stuck in flood waters at 2nd & Clinton Streets, 14th & Madison, 1st & Harrison, 9th & Monroe, Observer & Henderson, Marshall & Paterson Plank Road. Sources say most of those incidents involve drivers who disregarded barriers that hat been put up by responding officers.

Fay’s track was nearly identical to Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, making landfall in New Jersey at Little Egg Harbor just before 5 p.m. on Friday and rolling up the coastline—smack into Hoboken.