NJ Bill Creates Workers’ Comp Presumption Of Coverage For COVID-19

 Tuesday, September 15, 2020


A bill signed by Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday will make it easier for essential workers in New Jersey who contract the coronavirus to qualify for workers’ compensation.

The new law, retroactive to March 9, removes a requirement that essential workers who came down with the coronavirus to prove they did so on the job.

As of Monday, N.J. reported 196,968 coronavirus cases.

Typically, in order to receive workers’ compensation in New Jersey, an employee must prove they suffered a job-related illness or injury. This new law creates a presumption during the ongoing public health crisis that essential employees’ illnesses are related to their work.

That presumption can only be refuted by a preponderance of the evidence showing the essential worker was not exposed at their workplace, according to the bill.
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