Louisiana Residents Hit Twice Learn Hard Lessons On Insurance Coverage

 Wednesday, October 14, 2020


As if Hurricanes Laura and Delta were not enough, many in Southwest Louisiana now feel they are suffering another storm as they try to get fair payment from their insurance companies.

It’s well publicized that, generally, residents don’t have to pay two huge hurricane deductibles in one season. But, you may not realize you likely face a smaller deductible for Delta.

After paying huge hurricane deductibles, plenty of consumers thought they were done with deductibles when Delta hit. Well, not so.

State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon confirms most companies do charge the “all perils” deductible which usually runs between $500 and $2000. Donelon says he’s been told at least one company is waiving deductibles for those hit by Laura and then Delta.

“I cannot make companies do, what USAA, I do not have the power what USAA has voluntarily announced they will be doing,” said Donelon.