Police Chief Crushed By Falling Corpse Faces Workers’ Compensation Fraud Charges

 Tuesday, October 20, 2020


If ever there was a headline that made you look at an article, the one appended to this post is probably it. This story has it all. Sex, sizzle, alleged nefariousness and a pinup girl pinned down by a tragic mishap. Oh, and we can’t forget the 285-pound corpse falling from the sky.

Ok, it didn’t fall from the sky, but rather the rafters of a barn. Perhaps I should explain.

A former police chief of a small town in Washington State is facing charges of workers’ compensation fraud. L&I investigators say she has been untruthful about her inability to work.

While serving as the police chief for Coulee City, she was called to the scene of an apparent suicide. A 285-pound man (who apparently was a suspected domestic violence suspect, although I am not sure why that is relevant to the story. Oh well, we’ll MAKE it relevant) had hanged himself in a barn.

When she attempted to remove the man from the rafters, he fell on her. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) reports she suffered back, shoulder and abdominal injuries. The 47-year-old woman also claimed to suffer severe psychological trauma that prevented her from working or being around other people.
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