Florida Attorneys Investigated For Illegal Solicitation Of Insurance Claims

 Monday, December 7, 2020


It can happen to anyone: Someone knocks on your door and says they’re a repairman or an insurance expert and can fix damage to your home at no cost to you. They might say they can get you a new roof. Or a new kitchen.

Your insurance company will get the bill, they’ll say, and you won’t be out a penny.

Watch out. You’re about to be sucked into a thriving insurance scam that’s enriching a handful of law firms, threatening the financial stability of Florida’s home insurance industry and driving up annual premiums for millions of homeowners who have never filed a claim.

A newly filed complaint against one of the state’s most notorious insurance attorneys lays out the alleged scheme.

After you agree to accept their help, your visitor will hand you their tablet or cellphone and ask for your signature, saying it’s needed to hire their company. You’ll sign it without scrolling up.
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