Conflicting Damage Assessments Stall Homeowner’s Rebuild After Hurricane Laura

 Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 American Press

Robin Baudoin’s home in Sulphur looks today just like it did the day after Hurricane Laura hit Southwest Louisiana with its catastrophic damage over four months ago. Its roof is completely gone and nearly all of her belonging are in shambles.

“The house is just wide open,” she said Monday. “It’s like someone took a big can opener on the roof.” Today, Baudoin, 65, lives in a small garage apartment with her two dogs and three cats.

“It’s depressing for sure,” she said. “It’s almost like you have amnesia, like you have a former life. I manage to be really calm about it because it’s out of my hands. I guess one day it will catch up with me.”

Baudoin blames her insurance company for the lack of progress in getting her home repaired. Assessments by adjusters don’t reflect the true amount of damage, she said.

Findings from a Dec. 3 inspection by an outside forensic engineer sent by her insurance company are pending. The engineer told Baudoin she could not receive the report without the insurance company’s consent.