Look For A Broken Spirit, Not Just A Broken Bone

 Friday, February 19, 2021

 Genex | Coventry

When someone gets hurt on the job, the workers’ compensation system is often adept at zeroing in on an injury and delivering timely care.

But that well-intentioned focus on a patient’s physical bruises can make it easy to miss the mental ones, which might be harder to spot.

Today, a comprehensive approach that identifies and meets an injured employee’s needs is more important than ever because the coronavirus pandemic is blanketing everyday life with added stresses that threaten to imperil an employee’s recovery.

Experience makes clear that numerous forces push and pull at employees after they are injured. These are baseline factors, such as quality and timeliness of care, and they play enormous roles in laying out the courses of employees’ recoveries.

Yet, the more we dig into claims and into the research, the more we understand that less-apparent variables can also tilt the direction many cases take.
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