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Doctor Arrested As Part Of Investigation into 200 Fake Insurance Claims

 Friday, April 2, 2021

 The Irish Times

A doctor has been arrested on suspicion of helping to fabricate medical certificates in up to 30 fraudulent insurance claims.

The man, who is aged in his 50s and runs a medical practice in north Dublin, was arrested as part of a Garda investigation into some 200 fake insurance claims which were lodged with the help of a solicitors’ firm.

The firm, which has a presence in both Ireland and the UK, is suspected of working with medical doctors in Ireland to fabricate or embellish medical certificates detailing soft tissue injuries which never occurred.

These were then used to fraudulently claim money from insurance companies. In at least some cases, the claimants did not exist. In other cases the details listed in the claim were entirely false.

The doctor had allegedly helped to fabricate fraudulent medical certificates for at least a year and possibly much longer.