T-Mobile Confirms Data Breach Affects Over 47M Customers

 Wednesday, August 18, 2021


As part of its ongoing data breach investigation, T-Mobile has confirmed the enormity of the stolen information.

Roughly 47.8 million current and former or prospective customers have been affected by the cyberattack on its systems, the carrier confirmed on Wednesday.

Of that number, about 7.8 million are current T-Mobile postpaid accounts and the rest are prior or potential users who had applied for credit, the company added in a press release.

Worryingly, the data includes some personal information including the first and last names, date of birth, SSN, and driver’s license/ID information for a "subset of customers."

So far, T-Mobile said it does not have any indication that the stolen files contain phone numbers, account numbers, passwords or financial information.
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