JetBlue Put Stock In Company Culture And Cut Back On Workers’ Comp Costs

 Monday, September 20, 2021

 Risk & Insurance

If there’s one title Lee Garvin wears proudly, it’s ‘crew member.’ Before stepping into the role of director of risk management at JetBlue Airways, Garvin worked as a pilot, flying on-demand charter planes, organ donor flights and scheduled air service for seven years.

Though he’s no longer taking to the skies, Garvin still considers himself a ‘crew member’ in his role at JetBlue.

In fact, every member of the company, from the CEO to the person who works baggage claim, is considered part of the crew.

‘At JetBlue everybody’s a crew member regardless of what their duties are. You don’t have to fly an airplane to be considered a crew member,’ Garvin said.

Teamwork, equality and a dedication to serve — it’s embedded in how JetBlue employees view their colleagues, and it’s the driving force of its workers’ compensation program.
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